The Latest Trends In Kitchen Designs

When looking at kitchen designs and ideas, there are a number of considerations to reflect upon. However, having a functional space is the most important. After all, you wish to get a kitchen layout that will work well for your needs.

You should give careful attention to where you will place the key components like the stove, cabinets, refrigerator and island. This will ensure that you have plenty of cooking, eating and entertaining space. Additionally, you should never forget storage. Because your kitchen contains lots of pans, pots, utensils and small appliances, make sure you have adequate storage space nearby.

A modern kitchen space ought to be pleasant and welcoming to visitors. You can bring vibrancy and personality to your space by applying colorful, high-quality materials.

Function And Style Considerations

Good taste and truly great design are always relevant. The key to a kitchen that is well-designed lies in getting a balance between function and style. The winning combination will be influenced as much by your passion for great cooking as by the latest in terms of technology and appliance trends.

According to The Kitchen Designer Journal, there are several outstanding trends emerging in kitchen design:

1. High Capacity Fridges

With the increasing interest in home entertainment, maintaining bulk food freshness is becoming increasingly important. Hence, an emerging trend is a new interest in refrigerators with larger capacity. It’s becoming apparent that bigger is better as many homeowners seek to get additional shelf space, and bigger vegetable and fruit containers.

2. Beautiful Black Is Back

Today, Australians are looking at global trends for culinary inspiration, and it’s not any different when it comes to designing the kitchen. The European trend for black kitchen items and appliances, including ovens and fridges, is catching on in Australia. This is seen as a stylish substitute to the traditional white or stainless steel set up. It’s emerging as a perfect way to make your own design statement, adding depth and contrast with the darker surfaces.

An easy way of introducing this sophisticated, classic color into your new design is by going for black countertops or cabinetry.

3. Integrated Kitchen

The trending products and features are all about convenience in the kitchen. Many homeowners are going for plans and designs which are completely integrated for an uncluttered and sleek look. You’re sure to enjoy a design that gives a seamless flow.

4. Modern-Traditional Style

Designs that successfully blend traditional and modern elements are being taunted as the most inspiring in 2015, by kitchen experts. Modern elements in design such as chrome handles and glass backsplashes are being substituted with features exuding traditional charm and style, like tiles as well as black and brushed-nickel kitchen fittings.

5. Minimal Wall Cabinets

Although the open-plan kitchen has been a popular choice for many years, when you go for minimal wall cabinets they further enhance the spaciousness of your cooking area. As you plan for this cabinetry approach, take heed of the Australian Standard AS 4386 guidelines for domestic kitchen installations. The Standard sets out several minimum requirements when installing a domestic wall cabinet.

Top Kitchen Gallery Design Tips

The corridor kitchen layout, commonly known as the galley kitchen is among the several standard layouts developed to offer ergonomic benefits when using the kitchen. A kitchen gallery basically comprises of your work space that is sandwiched between two walls facing each other.

If you have a thin kitchen space, this layout is perhaps your most efficient layout. In between your two walls, you would have a single traffic lane with an opening on one end or even both ends. A galley may be as long as you may wish; all you need to do is divide the place into several work sites.

Whether it’s a new galley plan or an old one, consider the following tips and ideas:

Gallery Planning

Before you even start, you must have full confidence in your design plan. Identify the places where you desire to position particular fixtures or appliance and take quality time in planning – never rush the planning aspect. Find and engage the right tradespeople, people who are experienced and you can easily and freely communicate with.

Because getting trusted experts can be challenging, make sure you get credible references and follow them up. Ensure they have the necessary trade licences for your specific kitchen job. You can visit a number of websites dedicated to home improvement services and view the kind of feedback they receive and also read their recommended sections.

For example, Australia’s top-selling kitchen publication, the Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly is an excellent resource as it showcases an extensive variety of ideas, new products and company profiles.

Golden Triangle Layout Rule

Getting the most optimal kitchen layout is all about functionality and practicality. It’s all about having every single thing where it’s supposed to be and where you can easily access it. It is what kitchen designers refer to as ergonomics, normally achieved with the Golden Triangle concept. This is whereby you position the kitchen sink, cooktop (oven/ stove) and fridge in a format that forms a triangle.

Kitchen Storage

As much as is possible, utilize every available kitchen space. Also cut down on clutter and try to create a safe working environment. In your gallery layout design, you can include overhead cabinets going right to the ceiling and deep drawers for storing your cooking pots.

Good Ventilation

Nothing could be as displeasing as being met by the smell of last night’s food as you enter a house. Proper ventilation of your kitchen can greatly help in averting this social disaster besides being an important safety measure.

Gallery Lighting

Your kitchen needs good light sources. Therefore, don’t neglect to light up areas around the cooktop and oven with overhead lighting fixtures. Although pendants seem to be the trendy thing today, you may consider installing good quality fluorescents as they produce more even lighting for the entire gallery.